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WHAT EXACTLY IS A BOOTCAMP with The Surf Experience? The basic idea is to give pro coaching package and training techniques from an intermediate level and above. Through multi video analysis, drills and other techniques your development will go through the roof.

Stuck at a certain level and never have the time and support to push trying to conquer a powerful backhand snap?

This is EXACTLY what you need.                                                 

The numbers are limited to 6 - 8 to be fully mobile for surfing multi surf spots. Dawnies and Lates. One break eases off, we pack up and move onto the next best break. Same for swell. No half way house ~ for example no meeting different needs for different levels; no messing around with whitewater !!

The minimum level you will require is to already stand and turn both ways, plus can catch a fair few waves. The better you are the more you get out.

Price is €729.

What do I get - The usual The Surf Experience hosting and Love. Surf Super Star Alan Stokes as personal PRO COACH. Mutli angled filming from the ocean and from shore for daily analysis and critic. Rachel will provide specifically designed nutrion for both breakfasts and Lunches to keep you healthy and full of energy. Exclusive pro photographer - Staffan Rennermalm -  taking shots every day to also view and keep.

What else? 1 sport massage with gym techinques on how to keep surf-fit when landlocked and one
SAUNA session. In addition 1 sports massage will be added for 30 mins each.


A SUMMARY - Incase all this sounds all very militant and tough to some ~ especially this goes out to the laayyydies who always enquire... It´s not designed to be. The idea is to basically give you a crash course into higher standard surfing techniques and water skills. An idea on how to train and better yourself in surfing. Whether that happens or not during the week is entirely down to you and also the surf conditions. The flexibility we´ll adopt over the week should enable you to get into the best conditions for your ability.

However the ethos of the week is to leave having a better knowledge of surfing and the environment. Plus to leave you with the tools for self improvement whilst having FUN, as that´s why we all surf in the first place!!


" Best thing I ever did " Kieran, Ireland Feb Bootcamp 2010.

 "Change your life, swear to God !! " little kid in surf shop in "Point Break"  1991

2019 - 30 Nov - 7 Dec

2020 - 29 Feb - 7 Mar