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Nu Clear Trio


There's always a long story to tell about any thing. At least when you like to talk. But we're moving on directly to the short story: It happens that 3 guys like to hold music instruments. Despite the fact that they don't know what they're doing (as it happens with almost everything they hold on), they keep on going to venues and use those instruments to produce some... what's the name... aaa... noise! And worst of all, they think people clap because they liked them, when the truth is they're just being polite. Shame on you Nu Clear Trio!!


Depois de anos e anos habituados a lidar com o sucesso próprio de quem é totalmente desconhecido, 3 tipos juntaram-se para brilhar em bares tendo já tocado para cerca de 7, e por vezes 8, pessoas. O passo em frente só poderia ser a abertura dos binários cibernéticos naquela que é uma verdadeira "operação coração" com o objectivo de juntar mais 4 fãs. Obrigado a todos, sem vocês não teria sido possível!

João Faísca - Vocals & Guitars
Chris Post - Keyboards & Back vocals
Pedro Glória - Drums/Percussion & & Back vocals

Nu Clear Trio are a regular feature at Bahia.

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The Scarf Faces

The Scarf Faces are a collective from Brentwood, England who play a mix of covers and original material. Fronted by singers Dave McPherson (of rockband InMe) and Hadleigh Ford and joined by various others for a weekend in the sun, they dont do requests, but have a vast catalogue of diverse tunes to make the evening a party. Dave has toured the world with InMe and just loves to play music and like most of us, has a soft spot for Lagos!

Beto Kalulu

Born in Porto in Matosinhos, but with 2 years of age he went to Angola, where he lived Pais 27 (twenty-seven years). As a young man discovered the unique sound of percussion instruments. In 1967 as his first rock band, the BROTOLANDIA, whose formation was Adoindo Teixeira (lead guitar), Joe Prior (rhythm guitar), Carlos Fialho (vocals) and Americo (bass), Beto besides himself on drums. In 1968 formed the group "THE windier," this group which happens to be one of the greatest successes in Angola, with the first being training, Jaime Mendo (rhythm guitar), Joaquim Correia (vocals), Americo Ricardo (bass), Teixeira Adoindo (lead guitar), and also as musical director and manager Joe Pino High miro Monteiro. By 1970 with the 2nd training Adoindo Teixeira (lead guitar) Kaipa (bass), Eduardo Ramos (rhythm guitar, vocals), thence approx 3 rd Training-Pedro Romero (guitar), Eduardo Ramos (rhythm guitar, vocals), Rakari (bass) and of course Bob Smith on drums. With this ensemble, traveled outside the country becoming Bob, one of the most respected and charismatic musicians of the time in Angola.