The History of Bahia

The Bahia Beach Bar opened its doors in the summer of 1997. It was born out of a charming little shack called “Alcatruz” and grew up, by the effort of two friends who saw there little boys dream come true, to be the famous “Bahia Beach Bar”.In the first season the bar changed quickly into a lively and radiant bar with great food, funky fine music, friendly staff and cool parties. Throughout the years Bahia became very popular to a mixed crowd of locals and foreigners. Young and old; travelers and tourists; sporty types and the usual beach lovers felt at ease at Bahia. The international and laid back approach of the manager has made the Bahia Bar a place were everybody can have a good time.

Due to Portuguese regulations all the beach bar owners in the Algarve were obliged to rebuild their bar before the summer of 2003. They had to build a complete new bar conforming to the Portuguese government list of demands. So, Bahia changed its looks from the cosy little shack into an outstanding architectural piece of art. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but in May 2003 the Bahia Beach Bar opened its doors in the new building. Because of their ever so great regular customers, the energetic staff and enthusiastic newcomers, Bahia did not loose its identity and still captures every visitor’s heart. The food, music and all the other activities are still the best in the Algarve and there hasn’t been any other place that matches up to its standard.